Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

What are the timelines to receive my Enclave Outdoor Structure once I place an order and payment is received?

All processed orders will typically be completed and ready for delivery in 4-6 weeks from date of a finalized order, which would include receipt of deposit, and the final Enclave options are selected. Until that time orders are deemed as pending.

Do I need to obtain a permit to build in my backyard?

The answer is typically Yes. You will need to check with your local municipality for their requirements. Your Enclave will most likely fall under a permit category of either a shed or cabana type structure. An Enclave of 120 square feet or below may not need a building permit beyond a shed which is why a 10’ x 12’ or smaller Enclave is a good option.

Also check your subdivision building covenants or rules to ensure you can erect one on your property without prior approval.

Is my Enclave Outdoor Structures engineered?

Yes, the Enclave models are pre-engineered for structural integrity, sheer or updraft wind loads and snow loads. If a stamped plan is required by your municipality, we can provide that for an additional engineering and stamp fee.

What materials are used when building my Enclave Outdoor Structures?

All materials used on your Enclave Outdoor Structure are of a professional exterior grade material for long term durability with warranty’s up to 50 Years. We utilize a variety of high-quality raw and finished materials to manufacture your Enclave such as: Hardie Board, MiraTec, LP Smarttrim, Medium Density Plywood (MDO) and vinyl windows. Please see our detailed specifications sheet from your Customer Relationship salesperson.

What exterior paint colors are available for my Enclave Outdoor Structures?

Any standard color is available. We will custom paint the exterior of your Enclave. During the ordering process you or your contractor will let us know your Sherwin Williams or other paint manufacturer’s color palette numbers and we will order that specific paint for the exterior and trim color. We will not guarantee an absolute color match to your house colors. All interior walls are primed in an off-white color. We can finish painting the interior for an additional cost. We will not begin construction until all color choices have been submitted.

Can my Enclave Outdoor Structures be insulated?

Yes, it can be! However, insulation needs to be requested upon placement of order. We use traditional 3 ½” fiberglass batt insulation which has a rating of R11 for all walls and roof and plank sheet foam insulation for the floors.

Can I add electricity to my Enclave Outdoor Structures?

Yes, it can be! However, electricity must be requested upon placement of your order. One back wall panel will be prewired and installed for the electrical package. The electrical box will be installed on the outside back side of your Enclave wall panel. All electrical power will need to be run to the Enclave and connected by a certified electrician. This will need to have trenching from your house panel and connected to the outside connection of the Enclave.  Check with your municipality, as you may need an electrical permit. All trenching and electrical hook up costs as well as installation of any additional fixtures or appliances is not covered in by Enclave Outdoor Structures package.

Can my Enclave be heated and air conditioned?

Yes, for an additional cost. A small split heating and or air-conditioning HVAC unit can be included however it needs to be requested upon placement of your order. The HVAC unit and associated installation and electrical cost on site is an additional cost and not included in Enclave model price. This needs to be determine before your Enclave order will begin manufacturing.

Note, this will also require you to order an Enclave electrical package to be included in your order.

What are the roof materials constructed of?

The roofing materials are installed using a GAF (or other) self-adhesive granular roll roof, colors match GAF shingle roofing. The base material is a rubber EDPM type material. EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, a synthetic rubber used for roofing applications. It has an excellent resistance to environmental factors such as ozone, ultraviolet and weathering.

There is an optional metal standing seam roof and flashing system for an additional cost. See specification sheet for more details.

How do I order an Enclave Outdoor Structures?

You would place an order with one of our Customer Relationship sales professionals who will walk you through the ordering process, make sure all options are thoroughly discussed and will answer any questions. Call us today at 877-252-5065.

Who can install my Enclave Outdoor Structures?

There are detailed installation instructions included with your Enclave.

It will be delivered on pallets which are easily handled by your contractor on your site.

A professional Installation crew, landscape, pool contractor or one of our Enclave Installation Team have all the capabilities of installing your custom Enclave in a day or so depending on model the selected. Since all modular components are pre-installed and pre-built in our climate-controlled manufacturing facility by our professional carpenters, the installation is very easy and much quicker. If additional work is requested by client, you will be invoiced based upon actual hours of work performed and materials needed to complete the work.


If you are a Do-It Yourselfer (DIY) and have a couple of friends who can lend a hand, you can install your Enclave yourself.

Key Point: Since your entire Enclave kit is pre-installed during our manufacturing process, we will ensure that everything meets specifications and will assemble properly.

Can you make a custom Enclave that fits my needs?

Absolutely, we welcome the opportunity for you to be creative and personalize your Enclave. We can design any size, type, and appearance you want. We would develop 3D rendering for your design and get your approval and then begin construction.

There would be a design fee for your custom Enclave and potential construction drawing blueprints. These costs will be quoted by your Customer Relationship salesperson prior to final order.

Depending on what your final design consists of, we may have to update the engineering drawing which will require an additional charge.

Are the Enclave Outdoor Structures water resistant?

Yes, your Enclave has been pre-engineered to resist shear winds up to 100 miles per hour.

Your Enclave is constructed with exterior grade products and construction techniques to withstand the elements and all types of weather conditions. We have taken all necessary precautions to prevent water entry including splines and waterproof membrane between wall, floor, and roof panels to inhibit water penetration. Our roofing and flashing materials utilize a variety of high-quality roll roof or metal roofing materials.

Is there a Warranty?

All our Enclave Outdoor Structures are certified by our 1-Year warranty from defects in materials and workmanship from our production facility. This warranty timeframe begins at the time of our final invoice.

There may be additional manufacturer warranties for other building components incorporated in your Enclave structure, such as: windows, doors, roofing materials and HVAC units. The additional manufacturer warranty information will be included in the installation guidelines packet upon delivery of your Enclave.

Note to the Buyer: The Enclave Outdoor Structure 1-year warranty assumes your Enclave has been installed on an appropriate foundation utilizing either concrete piers, blocks or a helical screw piles  like GoliathTech type product below the frost line, if applicable in your area. An appropriate foundation mechanical connection is required for your Enclave which ensures a stable foundation and structure for your long-term enjoyment.

All Enclave Outdoor Structures will go through a period of stabilization.  Additionally, as the seasons change, periods of expansion and/or contraction will occur. As a result, your Enclave will experience minor material changes which are unavoidable and considered normal. The Buyer should also be aware that he/she is responsible for proper building maintenance. Damage caused by owners’ negligence, improper maintenance or changes, alterations, or additions or improper installation of an Enclave Outdoor Structure performed by anyone other than an approved licensed contractor or sub-contractor, will void the warranty. This warranty is non-transferable.

What are your payment Terms and Conditions?

Terms and Conditions:

Our goal is to complete this project in a timely manner by supplying products and services of the highest quality according to the agreed upon schedule. Missing agreed upon due dates, as well as any unforeseen circumstances, could affect the final costs and delivery. Enclave Outdoor Structures shall develop a timeline for your project to make you aware of deadlines and due dates. If color and product option selections are delayed it will affect the delivery of your product.

  • Payment can be made via check or credit card.
  • All Models are plus shipping and handling costs from our manufacturing facility in Milwaukee Wisconsin on a refundable pallet and will be invoiced separately.
  • For all orders, an advance deposit of 50% will be due upon acceptance of agreement/proposal, the next 40% will be invoiced and paid one week prior to the estimated completion date, the remaining 10% balance plus any additional costs incurred for change orders will be invoiced and due at completion of the manufacturing your Enclave Outdoor Structure. All invoices shall be paid prior to release or shipping to the location.
  • Invoices paid by credit card will incur a 4% processing fee added at the time of payment.

Our complete Terms and Conditions are available on our website or upon request.